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HEINRICH LIMITED is UK based company Head Office based in London. Heinrich is the smart choice, providing the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today's residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Airport, Metro, Hotels, Auditorium, Live Music Performance. Heinrich solutions help customers achieve savings in energy, time and cost, all while enhancing safety.

Heinrich is leading manufacturer of Public address and Voice Alarm and 3D integrated Control System, Heinrich has unrivaled experience in supplying systems and services to major projects spanning all over the world to serve better with high quality product and series.


Heinrich have a complete solution for Airports, Metro/Railways, Auditoriums, Oil & Gas, Tunnels, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate, Stadiums, Conferencing Rooms etc.

Use Of System

  • Support more than 8kms speech and voice alarm sound system.
  • Fully dublex IP addressable network audio system.
  • Pre-recorded voice message scheduled broadcast.
  • Emergency intercom communication with duty traffic policeman.
  • Sound system synchronized operation with CCTV camera system.
  • On site environment ambient noise level collection.
  • Intercom communication recording system.
  • Intercom station automatic transfer system.
  • Intercom station hold-on system.
  • Horn speaker for outdoor environment use.
  • High SPL projection horn for clear human speech long distance dispersion use.


We offer product from some of best in industry and have a wide experience in product development and technological advancement as per the critical safety requirements. All our R&D Engineers, Technical support and production team are familiar with the complete inside-outside of the products.

  • High sound pressure level; 127 dB / 40W.
  • High directivity, With a high STI value.
  • Manufactured from black halogen free flame retardant plastic material to 5VA standard.
  • Stainless steel fixing brackets (316) for easy and safe installation on flat or curved surfaces and allow excellent angle of adjustment.
  • Weather proof to IP-67.
  • An industry standard UNEF 1 3/8’’ -18 driver thread.

The NAP4S is a compact four zone IP/TCP network audio system solution, which is integrated four separated network audio adapters into a chassis, each network audio adapter is of different IP address from others.

  • 19 ruck mount IP/TCP network audio adapter in 2U height.
  • Decode digital audio data to analogue amplifier different program to different zones simultaneously.
  • Heart of IP background music, zone paging & voice alarm system.
  • Local aux input for each zone.
  • One all zone mic input and One all zone aux input with optional priority setting.
  • One communication control port and one redundancy port both by RJ45 type.
  • Four reserved serial port for write in and change IP address use only.

IP-NASServer of IP network audio system and IP PA system. Support Windows 2000, Windows 2007, Windows 7. All display in English Built-in system set up, system monitor, media player, program timer, system memory functions. Cloud broadcast Mp3 file online, scheduled and matrix at presented time to designated loudspeaker zones. Each equipment’s working status could be monitored and displayed on this software.

Flexible multiple level loudspeaker zone definitions, end user can define loudspeakers into as many as possible zones at the same time. Built-in weekly timer could broadcast pre-recorded voice message, bell, song to selected zones by trigger contact or manually operation.

The head equipment to encode analog sources into digital source to be transferred over network. Support max 5 different sound cards for simultaneously sources collection. One software packet includes administrator and branch server and alarm server. Graphic maps display for visually simple monitoring and operation.

DPA Series

DPA SeriesThe DPA range digital Class-D power amplifier is of switching power technology, which features of minimum power consumption and much higher efficiency up to 95% moreover it help to save installation rack space, generate less heat so as to extend its performance life span as a result. Automatic standby enable after no detection of signal input for one minute, immediately wake up at sight of any input. DPA Series is available in 120W/125W/240W/500W with single channel, Dual and four channels.

  • 1U height and both tabletop & rack mount type.
  • Built-in CD player, MP3, tuner & remote control.
  • USB & SD inputs on front panel for MP3 player.
  • AM/FM tuner each memory of 99 bands.
  • One CD/MP3 stereo output and one tuner stereo output.
  • Eject, play, stop, play mode, prev, next, USB/SD & mute functional buttons for CD/MP3 player.
  • AM/FM, ST/MON, MEO, Auto/Manual, Up, down & 1-6 number buttons for tuner.
  • Remote control over music selection and volume control.
  • High-speed processing DSP Chip, the new generation of AFC algorithm to eliminate the feedback faster and make system more stable.
  • 8-channel Phantom Power Microphone/Line input, 8-channel circuit Output.
  • 8- channel External control input and 8- channel Logic output.
  • Application includes Auto Mixer (Limiter threshold and Gain), Routing, Audio Processing and special signal.
  • Connect with GUI interface directly through Ethernet, Easy and efficient to set.
  • Power off automatically save function.
  • RS232 interface connect to 3rd party communication.
  • Extensive GPIO Capabilities.
  • Option to configure with Dante Module.

OIP1The OIP1 is a weatherproof & Explosive-proof two-way communication intercom panel. It is used to have one button press communication with the network paging microphone PM8. It is very reliable industrial two-way communication system for bank, prison, hospital, school, mining plant, transportation centre, airport, metro or subway. In a real application, there will be several network paging microphone PM8 shall use as intercom station for reception desk, information desk, security office, nurse room or logistic centre. Each intercom station network paging microphone will be ID address distinguished by its own IP address, so one intercom station network paging microphone shall be responsible to answer and supervise several IP intercom panel OIP1 Under emergency or information inquiry, the IP intercom panel can press button to call to its pre-designated intercom station microphone can answer or reject the call. if the pre-designated intercom station microphone is long time no answer or busy, the secondary intercom station microphone will be automatically transferred. every ring call is accompanied with warning chime tone and flashing indicator while the intercom station microphone with could directly make announcement or sand pre-recorded messages to the IP intercom panel to warning the potential emergency which may be saw from CCTV system.

The IP intercom panel is built-in a high sensitivity microphone and a 5W full range monitor speaker to ensure voice clearance and loudness. The IP intercom system is built-in dual CPU to ensure minimum sound delay. moreover, special circuit protection is adopted to avoided echo noise within this metal box. The IP intercom panel is built-in a decoder which is used to decode aux and control data into analogate internal amplifier and internal speaker.

This IP intercom panel could be installed in anywhere of non-dedicated network system.so can help to save wiring cost. The IP intercom panel is also with a dry contact output to inter-work with third party low Voltage system like CCTV, door access system and home automation system. Status indicator will be light in different color for paging, intercom and voice alarm system. DC 12V to 24V safe power supplied system. The IP intercom Panel is designed of in-wall or wall mount design of outdoor applications.


OHS15/THEINRICH Loudspeakers are IP66 and as per EN54 required terminals and outdoor applications used for all required standard IEC60849, BS5839 part 8 OHS series is fully comply as per EASE /CATT/Ulysses. The OHS15/T & OHS30/T is a waterproof horn speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer. The 70v/100v transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers.

The built-in horn speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 250-8kHz(OHS15/T) & 300-13kHz(OHS30/T), the multiple power taps 15W & 30W are helpful for different applications varies from room size and ambient noise surroundings. The ABS enclosure and stainless bracket are of white color. Easy and secure wall mount installation through the supplied stainless mounting bracket. It is ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in the outdoor area of parking, park, garden, corridor and playground where paging is needed.

IP Network & Intercom remote paging microphone – PM8

PM8The HEINRICH Audio PM 8 IP Network Paging Micro phone or IP paging console or IP paging statoon is used to paging over network to remote speaker zones. This paging microphone could be installed to anywhere of the LAN system.

The IP network paging microphone has several paging modes include: zone paging, group paging, all zone paging, two-way intercom, conference system,discussion system & voting system. The IP network paging microphone is built-in a LCD to display program status and its IP address, end -user is accessible to change the IP setting with password. It is built -in a 1W speaker with excellent sound clearance so as to ensure the communication is smooth and clear. This micro phone design is adopted advance d technology to avoid echo noise and to avoid data delay as well.

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Tunnel Installation

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