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System Installation

Our specialized Installation team are well equipped with mandatory equipments for Installation and follows all the safety standards applicable for the installation work on site under high electrical power or at heights under the supervision of their supervisor.

Our dedicated Installation team are well trained and have expertise for the Installation works like Cabling, Speaker Installation, Display Installation and to build Rack.


We are capable to do complete cabling as per the drawings and cable layout schedule designed by our AutoCAD engineer in the station premises with 100% accuracy and without any cable cut or fault.

Speaker and Display Installation

Our Installation team are well trained and equipped with the essential safety guards along with mandatory tools to work at height and fully responsible for the successful installation of display and speakers at height without any fall or damage.

Rack Building

Our specialized team are fully trained and capable in Quality Rack building for the PA system in Metro and Railway system. After the system design and product supply we can build complete Rack equipped with PAVA system equipments with proper ventilation.

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