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We are always excited to work with you, we take full responsibility to provide the best solution for your Project. Our specialized Design and Installation team can help to do this task in much easier, simpler and in an effective way.

We work closely with you until the project is not handover to authority. Our solution is fully complied with the International and Indian Safety Standards. All the Products and solution are EN approved and complies with all applicable standards for the Metro and Railway system.

We also offer the system and equipments test in manufacturer Factory to conduct Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before supply of product at the customer premises to ensure that the products offered are fully complied with the required functionalities and applicable standards.


Rapid growth in Aviation Industry, increasing travellers population and Construction of New Airports in Developing country like India indicates it’s growing need of safety, control and Announcement system, Flight Information Display system and Airport Management systems for increasing number of Passengers every year.


In Today’s world of rapid urbanization and increasing number of travelers population uses metro and railway system as a most common mode of transportation, Hence the need of safety, control and Announcement system is more crucial for the passenger safety and easy distribution of information related to train information, general advices and evacuation announcement in case of emergency in both audio and visual form.

Oil & Gas

Industries like Oil, Gas and Power is more crucial and follow more typical safety rules. It needs more reliability and availability for the high level of security and safety requirements. Heinrich Provides the more compact and redundant architectural design solution of Public address and general announcement system (PAGA system) to address the safety and security concerns.

Smart City

Rapid urbanisation and Increasing Population in developing countries needs the Information to be shared and accessed via network. The smart city concept integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and various physical devices connected to the network. Smart Cities are more citizen centric and Hence citizens security and safety is its sole responsibility. Heinrich designed solution for the Smart cities including Public address system, CCTV and Emergency call system fulfils this requirement.


Tunnels have more challenging Acoustic space compare to any other Industries Hence giving a clear announcements and instructions with high Intelligibility is very challenging, But Heinrich unidirectional speakers specifically designed for the tunnels addressed this issue with its effective design.

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