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Technical Training on Smart City Solution

HEINRICH team provided many training on smart city solution as now new Development in India for smart city as IP based Horn Loudspeakers along with CCTV solution.

As HEINRICH Developed new product as typical conditions for special in India market as solution prepared by HEINRICH for smart city as IP base horn Loudspeakers along with same on fiber optic cable can be used for CCTV camera and IP loudspeaker is powered so no need extra amplifier and all Loudspeaker is IP66 for outdoor applications on pole mounted as separately on OFC emergency call box which give swift information to local help point

The Smart city already  designed by HEINRICH team Gandhi Nagar Smart City,Warangal Smart City,Raipur smart city, ranchi smart city,Kanpur smart city,Nashik Smart City,Rajkot Smart City,Bhagalpur Smart City,Channai Smart City,Patna Smart City,Lucknow Smart City,Allahabad Smart City,Ongole Smart City,Mangaluru Smart City,Agra Smart City, Guwahati Smart City etc.

Engineers joined for training got the expertise of IP solution along with detail demo of product

HEINRICH suggested to use Digitally controlled Line array and to reduce Echo, RT60

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